The Best Booking Experience for Your Clients.
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The ultimate booking experience for your clients

Instant Booking

Your clients can instantly book on their phone. No more phone tag.

24/7 Booking

Your clients can now book anytime so you will never miss another booking. Did you know that up to 40% of services are requested outside of salons’ working hours?

Appointment Notifications

Your clients get timely appointment notifications.

Rebooking reminders and offers

Send rebooking reminders directly to your clients’ phones.

Verified Reviews

Your clients will only see verified reviews by your actual patrons.

Instant Payment

Clients can pay and tip directly through the app to save time.

Why join TRU?


80% of salon clients said they would prefer to book via an app (vs. calling or using a website)


TRU booking app seamlessly connects to your appointment system.


Send automatic rebook reminders to your clients through TRU app


Get verified reviews by your clients and never worry about a false review again.


Save time when your clients pay and tip through the TRU app. Protect yourself from no-shows and late cancellations by having payment information on file.

How TRU App Works

Your clients book appointments through the app. TRU seamlessly connects to your appointments system. You get bookings the same way you always did.

Clients can book right from their phone in just a few taps. Anytime, anywhere.

TRU seamlessly connects to your appointment system to show clients your availability. Appointments automatically appear in your schedule.

Be closer to your client than ever

Send notifications directly to your clients with TRU app for Apple Watch. Free download, coming soon.

Send notifications and reminders

TRU Plans

Bookings by clients
referred by your salon


  • TRU will provide you with a unique TRU referral code. Sign up your clients with referral code so they can book with you for free.

Bookings made by
other TRU clients

per booking

  • Pay just a dollar for bookings made by other TRU clients

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